Warning: Used an older version of Godot that won't work and, since this was the original, I don't have its source code so please play CelestialMishaps+ instead.

You must save the green Planet from burning up or freezing by pushing the Celestial (Bodies) that would alter its temperature. The objective is to avoid having the thermometer reach either end.

Press/Click/Tap anything to push the Celestial away. This only works if they're visible.


On each level (a Celestial going by) you can either get a Sun, a Moon or nothing (to mess the timing up).

Made during the Godot Community Game Jam (June 15th-18th 2018).
I later rebalanced the game and made sure that the values (speed,size,etc) of Celestials was reset after a Game Over.


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CeMi Prototype - Windows 31 MB
Version 1
CeMi Prototype - Linux 15 MB
Version 1
CeMi Prototype - Mac 30 MB
Version 1

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its Do not Work Broo. Pleas Fix it to Try your Game!!

Thanks for telling me, I updated my games (several used that vertion of Godot).

Itch installer also failed for me

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Thanks, fixed it. At least for Windows/Linux/Mac.

Just a heads up, but the itch installer doesn't find your game. Says no executable found.

Deleted 4 years ago
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Thanks, fixed it. More specifically added Windows/Linux/Mac versions as the HTML5 version gave an error on the itch app.