This is the continuation of Star juggler, developed between the FFS Jam (2018) and the Rekindle Jam (2021)

It's a show of what could have been and how well PhaserJS (Community Edition/2) can handle so many sprites.


  • The ship moves to the Mouse position when present or can be controlled manually using the Keyboard ASDW/Cursor Keys
  • Click/Ctrl throws a Star, it charges up when held
  • You can shoot in any of 8 directions. Try Easy/Normal mode to see a guideline


  • The Game appears to be Muted by default
  • Several things were upgraded (Player ship tilts and charges when still)
  • Enemies can't shoot
  • Enemies avoid the center
  • Warp animation between levels
  • The game is taxing on your RAM
  • You can cheat and have the satisfaction of upgrading everything to the max and obliterating anything (I added an Instructions HTML file specifying how to enable said options, namely Green, Magenta and Black then 'N' and 'B').


  • The prototype was made during the LOWREZJAM (August 1st-17th 2017).
  • The Alpha was completed during the FFSjam (January 1st 2018 to February 4th 2018)
  • This Beta prototype was made between the last Jam (2018) to the Rekindle Jam (2021)


  • Any of 4-directional movement of the Levels
  • Low resolution (64x64) graphics
  • 21 evil enemies which can come from any side
  • Charging weapon that throws up to 6 sizes of Stars (depending on the Power)
  • Up to 8 directions in which you can throw Stars
  • 3 modes of difficulty, from (hand-holding) Easy to (insanely) Hard
  • Several Starlanes and Worlds to traverse, with a Shop after any Planet
  • Able to go Fullscreen (check the button on the right of the Menu for Options)


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Developer Instructions 2 kB

Development log


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Very cool graphics and good sound. Gameplay felt a bit lacking though. I guess it's pretty hard doing a game in 64x64. The levels felt too short, half of the time I was jumping from one sector to another without any feeling of accomplishment. Still excellent work on the menus and win-screen.

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Thanks for reviewing. I had several ideas for this game, just check its GitLab page.

Oh, the short levels was on purpose to see the Warp in action. There is a "level" variable that specifies how many and how strong the enemies can be which starts at 1 now so you'll see one tiny enemy and it increases slowly. The original game started and increased this by 10 and you hardly ever got to see the shop (after 10 levels). Plenty of stuff to balance out.

The enemies avoiding the center was an unintended side-effect of using the 0.8.5 version. I don't know what I did there.