v1.5 - Let's go HeartBeats!

Skipped over 1.4, where I fixed some bugs and updated the backgrounds, and did 1.5.

This was because I also tried to add saving and it gave me unexpected issues like:

- Name couldn't be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters

- Was just overriding older saves and would fail when these were cleared

- Gave me all sorts of weird problems misdirecting me to the actual cause (ex: No state found because nothing was initialized since the version didn't change)

So now it saves both your mute setting and the high-score. If you're wondering about the new screenshot (red background) I was able to get to that part thanks to Continues but this was implemented since the first version. The game gets a lot faster/harder.

PS: There's a bug where running out of Continues won't take you to the website if you press up (Continue) but clicking/pressing the button works as expected.


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Jun 21, 2022

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