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Recent updates

Re-added short Cooldowns and fixed a bug with wrong areas being re-tiled...
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Finishing Touches
Applied the finishing touches (aside from balancing): Edited an Icon Removed the Speedup Cool-down Increased the Health / Max Health of every Tower / Nexus Modi...
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You can now use a new button to double the speed of Minion generation for 4s...
1 file
Tower Sprites
Towers are now like Minions in that they update their sprite according to their team...
1 file
Hotkey and Tower-Targeting
A hotkey to set a Conversion Area: A Tower Targeting works when not setting a Conversion area (does not apply to Converted Minions)...
1 file
Both-way Conversion
Fixed three issue when using a Conversion Area: Conversion happened before Clicking (so we could freely move the area) Conversion only happened if the first hit...
1 file
Minion Conversion
The Player can now set a Minion conversion area which turns them to the Players side instead of Death. Note that the area was enlarged for testing purposes...
1 file
A good Start
Fully working Minions, Towers and Nexus on either side...
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